North American cover design for The Stone Thrower

Check out the cover design for the North American edition of The Stone Thrower from ECW Press. What d’you reckon?

The Stone Thrower N American coverI’m thrilled with it. This was my favourite of the three proposed versions they sent over, so I’m glad it ended up as this one. At its core, the collection is about the fragility and vulnerability of children, and the fragile and vulnerable state you enter when you become a parent, so an egg is a perfect metaphor.

It was designed by Ingrid Paulson, who also designed the North American edition of Instruction Manual For Swallowing. I love that Ingrid has created a visual link between the two with the distressed harlequin design in the background.

The North American edition of The Stone Thrower is out from ECW Press in April 2013, and will contain bonus materials: an interview and reading recommendations.

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  1. Ingrid Paulson says

    I’m relieved you like the North American design for your upcoming book – it too was my favourite of the set, and I was crossing all fingers it would be chosen. And I’m grateful to have worked on your latest collection. I’ve become quite a fan.

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